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Early Childhood Leadership Training Program

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Capable, Confident & Curious: Nova Scotia's Early Learning Curriculum Framework

Session 2 (modules 3 & 4) Leaders-October 18 & 19, 2019-Antigonish

Session 2 (modules 3 & 4) Staff-November 16, 2019-Antigonish

Session 3 (modules 5 & 6) Leaders-November 22 & 23, 2019-Pictou

Session 3 (modules 5 & 6) Staff-December 7, 2019-Pictou


Upcoming Events

Risky play-adventure play-rough and tumble play-what the terms mean and what they look like in early learning programs-January 15, 2020-Online-FULL

Winter is a Magical Time for Children's Outdoor Play-February 12, 2020-Online-FULL

Tinkering and Design Thinking-March 11, 2020-Online-FULL

Pedagogical Leadership: Deepening our Understanding of our Role as a Leader and Facilitator of Learning -April 3, 2020-Truro **note the changes from when it was advertised for October This has it's own registration form...see below

Deepening our Roles as Leaders in the Classroom-Growing a Culture of Reflective Practice -April 4, 2020-Truro  This has it's own registration form...see below

Pedagogical Leadership & Deepening our Roles as Leaders Registration Form


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The Early Childhood Development Support Centre, Cumberland Campus provides resources and training opportunities to the Early Childhood Care and Education community throughout the Northern Region in Cumberland, Colchester, Pictou, and Antigonish Counties and has been in operation since March of 2003.

It is located on the upper level of the NSCC Cumberland Campus in Springhill. Workshops are held throughout the region at various locations including NSCC Cumberland, Amherst Community Learning Centre, NSCC Truro and NSCC Pictou.



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Laminating Service

With our large laminating machine we are able to accommodate items sizing up to 25” wide. Cost of Laminating service is $0.50 per foot + tax.


Laminating Service order form

Just print off the order form. Fill in your name and drop it off to us along with the items to be laminated. Arrangements can be made for pick up or drop off of items by calling the Support Centre. Items may not be completed the same day.

Order Form for Resource Sheets

Just print off the form, check off the ones you would like and email or mail the list to us and we will mail them to you at no cost.


Die Cut Machine

Die Cutting Service see pages 14-16 for new die cuts (some of them are 3D boxes and bags)

Die Cut Order Form

Just print off the form, check off the ones you would like and mail the list along with your paper or material to us and we will cut out your shapes and mail them to you at no cost.