D2L (D2L Brightspace)

What is D2L?

D2L is a technology that holds your course materials. D2L provides many functions for a user to interact with their course (and related tools), along with tracking your progress through the course.

How does D2L work?

D2L contains multiple web pages. Upon first logging in, you “land” at the system home page (My Home). From the system home page, you can view global announcements or navigate to your course, to begin participation. There may be access to multiple courses from the My Home page. The course itself has a Course Home page with any relevant announcements, a navigation bar (Nav bar) at the top of the page, and direct links to the Content page (Table of Contents). Content is broken into modules. There may be multiple pieces of content or other related tasks that are combined to make up a module (such as assignments or discussion posts). Shortcuts to any course related activities (assignments or discussions) can be found on the Nav bar.

Tracking your progress through the course

When you click on Content or navigate to the Table of Contents, you can see a list of all modules on the left side of the page and a listing of the actual content on the main page. You can select a piece of content in a module and once completed, a green check mark appears and your User Progress for the module (and the overall course progress) is updated to reflect this completion. You can review the content at any time after completing it. Some content will not be immediately available as it will have “required” task that MUST be completed before it becomes viewable.

Required software

  • Hardware (Desktop and Mobile):

    • Microsoft Windows based computer or an Apple OS based computer

    • Internet connection

    • Sound card / with speakers / headphones

    • Android Device (ex. Samsung tablet, etc.) or Blackberry Device (ex. Classic, etc. or Playbook) or Apple Device (ex. iPhone or iPad)

  • Software (Desktop and Mobile):

    • Internet Explorer (Version 9 or higher)

    • Firefox (version 24 or higher)

    • Chrome (newest version)

    • Safari (version 5.1 or higher)

    • Android Browser (newest version)

    • iOS Safari (newest version)

    • Microsoft Surface (IE 10 or higher)

    • Playbook Browser (newest version)

    • Adobe Acrobat Reader (https://get.adobe.com/reader/).
      *Remember to remove the optional offers, if you don't wish to install them.*

    • Adobe Flash Player (https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/).
      *Remember to remove the optional offers, if you don't wish to install them.*

Accessing D2L and Course Materials

Customized Learning will supply you with all required information.

Technical Assistance

Technical Support is available by email or telephone, Monday to Friday, between 8:30 AM & 4:30 PM.


Phone: 902-491-1710