Our Services

Professional Development:

Professional Development involves:

  • enhancing what we know
  • improving in our ways to use what we know
  • finding ways to be involved with others to share our knowledge and experience

Participating in workshops and conferences is a great way to gain new knowledge or refresh previous learning and is an opportunity to network with others and share ideas. Making the time to attend helps you to gain the skills and knowledge to do your job to the best of your ability.

Professional Development at the ECDSCs

We are committed to supporting life long learning through professional development opportunities including:

  • Workshops (view a list of our past workshops) updated September 2014
  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Networking
  • Mentoring
  • Partnering with other early learning and care organizations.
  • NSCC Early Childhood Education Diploma full-time and part-time programs information.
  • Portfolio Development and Recognizing Prior Learning support and consultation.
  • Full time Coordinator offering an inclusive range of curriculum and program support and guidance.

Other ways to grow as a professional:

  • Communicate with your co-workers
  • Join your provincial association (Nova Scotia Child Care Association)
  • Observe another program for ideas
  • Participate in Centre Tours
  • Present a topic at a workshop or conference
  • Enroll in a course (NSCC Early Childhood Education)
  • Read books and articles related to Early Childhood Care and Education
  • Participate in networking and discussion groups
  • Become a mentor/mentee

Other Services We Provide:

  • Lending Library - ECDSC Burridge - ECDSC Cumberland - ECDSC Kingstec (Updated September 2014)
    resource books, activity kits, children's books, story sacks, equipment, videos, magazines and journals.
  • Online support our website includes a wealth of information including access to our resource database, list of events for each centre along with useful links and information.
  • Access to periodicals, newsletters, etc. from various provincial, national, international, early childhood care and education organizations.
  • Access to computer software, internet ,Skype camera, printer, scanner, photocopier, laminator, die cut, and a variety of materials for use with children in early childhood settings.


To access these resources, simply:

  • Visit one of the  support centres during the day, or make an appointment to visit in the evening or on a Saturday.
  • Visit our website and search our online library: ecdsc.nscc.ca
  • Call, text, facebook, or email your request to one of our centres.
  • You can also arrange to pick up and drop off resources at a scheduled training session.